Jul 29

Am I entrepreneurs?

I have a dream. I’m dreaming to be a millionaire. I’m dreaming to be an entrepreneur. I just start my 1st step as amateur entrepreneurs. But do i have the quality to be a good entrepreneur ? Here i asses myself

What are the similarities of successful entrepreneurs?

  • Persistence
    • my big weakness.
    • I need to find at least 1 long term product that customer want, then i can pursue 100% to complete it. But i don’t have marketing people to help me to make it come true.
  • Desire for immediate feedback
    • Yes I’m
  • Inquisitiveness
    • I’m born with this. Ask my mother laaa (kui kui kui… aku ni digelar profesor penjahanam masa kecik-kecik dulu)
  • Strong drive to achieve
    • Until certain stage only. Need more intention to improve it.
  • High energy level
    • Yap.. but in what i want to do only (but need to sync with customer need)
  • Goal-oriented behavior
    • Need to improve
  • Independent
    • Yes, I’m
  • Demanding
    • Unfortunately I’m ot born with this. Improving in progress
  • Self-confident
    • Yes I’m
  • Calculated risk taker
    • Yes I’m (my wife bored everytime i start to talk about it)
  • Creative
    • I believe I’m
  • Innovative
    • I believe I’m
  • Vision
    • Sure
  • Commitment
    • Yes, but still can be improved
  • Problem solving skills
    • Yes
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
    • I hate it, but i can change
  • Strong integrity
    • I’ll try my best
  • Highly reliable
    • I’ll try my best. Experience teach me a lot
  • Personal initiative
    • I believe I’m
  • Ability to consolidate resources
    • Still learning
  • Strong management and organizational skills
    • Still learning. Work in international company give me good exposure
  • Competitive
    • Try to be
  • Change agent
    • Try to be
  • Tolerance for failure
    • Need improvement.
  • Desire to work hard
    • Yes
  • Luck
    • Yes. A got a lot of luck before, and i believe luck come when we start to try :)