Oct 04

Headache/Migrain again :(

My migraine attack, more severe then before. Last year is the my best record ever, my migraine attack only on monthly basis compared then before (1-2weeks). Each of the attack not as severe as recently.

However, last few weeks, suddenly my migraine become worse…. It attack on daily basis, and easily trigger by bright light. I after 2 weeks suffer, I force to change my glasses to photochromic lens in order overcome the problem but it just help abit.

The pain also different. Before this, the pain concentrated on my back head (near medulla oblongata) until top and only right or left side, but now it concentrated on top only and it never go away!. When the pain ease, I can feel like I have ice inside my ubun-ubun. I heard before… if you feel like that, thats mean your ‘time’ already near. As close as 40 days. I don’t know where these people get this fact and I never believe it, but it worth to mention here so if I ‘gone’ suddenly we know that fact is true :) (kidding).

I wonder when my migraine will go forever. It already affect my life. I can easily got angry even on simple stuff when migraine attacked. Last time, my migraine only last 1-2 days so it can be handled well, but now it consistent everyday. No way for me to fully control my anger this long. My best medicine is to sleep or get some panadol + coffee, but I try my best not to rely on drug as long as possible. Of course I still take them when its too severe to be handled, but not on regular basis but looks like I don’t have other choice anymore. Hopefully my migraine will go away soon….