Jun 09

Introducing My New Baby : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300

Yes.. i just got a baby. An electronic baby :) . This is my 1st computer build after 8 years. My 1st build was when I still study at UTM, year 2000.

My 1st Baby Specification (Year 2000):
Intel Pentium III EB 667Mhz (after 3 years (1 week before 3 years), claim warranty and got 866Mhz P3)
M/B Asus P2B
256MB SDRAM, PC133
40GB Seagate HDD.
Riva TNT2 M64 (AGP x2/x4)
14" Samsung Syncmaster CRT monitorWindows 98 SE

My New Baby Specification (Year 2008):
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (2.5Ghz, 4 cores)
M/B Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3
4GB Corsair DDR2 667Mhz (actually 800Mhz when check through SPD. They mislabel perhaps ? :) )
500GB Western Digital HDD
Chaintech Nvidia 8600GT (PCIE x16,540Mhz, 512MB GDDR2, 256bit)
19" Samsung SyncMaster 943NW LCD monitor (wide screen, analog only)
Microsoft Vista Ultimate SP1

What so interesting is, the budget for both my baby not different. The 1st one, is RM2400, and for my latest baby it cost me only RM2500. So, no doubt, my  requirement level almost on par even after 8 years.

What I love most with my latest baby is the Quad Core. Is really improve responsiveness and i have no regret to invest a bit more on it. My nature of usage usually involve heavy multitasking and do a lot of simulation and sometimes play the 3D games. Thats why my minimum spec that put to my self is quad core, 4GB ram and mid range graphic card.

Before I choose Q9300 (2.5GHz, 4 cores), I also consider seriously on Q6700 (2.66GHz, 4 cores) and E6700 (3.0Ghz, 2 cores) since the price is almost same. But at the end, i choose Q9300 since it based on 45nm (cooler) and support SSE4.1 which is able to speed up video encoding up to 80% compared then 65nm product like Q6700. I believe, in the long run, when softwares start to adapt SSE4.1, it will benefit my Q9300.

What I hate most is the Microsoft Vista Ultimate. It is buggy and the application run slower compared the windows XP. And what make it worst, some application not compatible with Microsoft Vista. Its remind me when Windows XP just launch, and I hate it since its run slower and hard to fix if any problem occur (usually need format to fix) compared than Windows 98 SE. However, when the time progress, I manage to migrate to windows XP and start to love it. With that experience, i hope i can do the same thing (slowly adapt) with Microsoft Vista Ultimate.

Be a long time supporter for Asus Motherboard, It little weird that I choose Gigabyte for my latest baby. I never be a gigabyte fan before but I have no choice now since current Asus motherboard (Asus P5K) really marketing gimmick. With lack of all modern motherboard features like multi-phase power supply and reliable solid capacitor (Asus use lousy solid capacitor) and simply add  marketing gimmick EPU, they claim to be energy efficient. Frankly said, I rather buy cheap mother board and install freeware software(RMClock), I can save as much as power (or better) then Asus EPU (hardware). Whoever know how Asus EPU work, sure agree with me. We no need EPU  to do that job. On other hand,  Gigabyte more honest and provide all modern motherboard features that i need. Even I need to pay little bit  more compare then Asus P5K (around Rm50-60), I know I pay for something useful.

And lets welcome my latest baby and pray he will pay back my investment > 10x :) .