Apr 01

My Focal / Performance Review 2008

Oh noo…. focal time again ! I hate focal.

At Intel, focal or performance review will be held every April (the process start from February) and it will determine salary / grade either increase/static/decrease. All will be based on our performance compared with our colleagues. There is 5 performance level:

Outstanding (Best)
Exceed Expectation (acronym : EE)
Below Expectation (acronym : BE)
Improvement Required (Worst) (acronym : IR)

What I really hate is, 10% allocated to be outstanding/EE, and another 10% allocated to be BE/IR. Rest, will be on successful. Thats mean, no matter how good you are, if other people better than you, most probably you will get BE/IR. Person who get IR/BE will be not get any salary/stock raise. Who got IR even can be sack from Intel after few more evaluation. Thats really stressful.

Today (1st April) is my turn to get my focal result. Unfortunately, I can’t share or give any hints, since Intel policy strictly prohibit to share/compare our focal result with other people especially Intellian. Thats really make sense since either we are happy or not with our the focal result really relative to other people. No matter how big  our salary increment, if our colleagues get more, we will feel down.

Track back to my contribution during last year, what i wanna said, I have only little
compared year 2006. I should can do much better than what i did. I really have bad luck last year. Almost 40%-50% of my work contribute little/nothing to Intel business since it was canceled, or can’t be solved or not effective. Overall, I really worried about the focal result this year.

My only "key" contribution only rely on single case that I really put a lot of effort and fortunately, my work effectively screen out a lot of bad units across multiple product segment. Its really a bet since that case occur almost end of the year and traditionally that kind of failure very hard to handle. Thanks God for save me again and again.

This year (for next year focal), I foresee much greater challenge. Either I’ll shining or totally screw-up. I’ll be sent to USA (Folsom, CA and Beaverton, Oregon) to pickup MCH (chipset) debugging skills which none of our group member currently have any knowledge. What make the thing worse, there is no proper training for me. I will be sent there and learn myself through real case, and unfortunately US people are not "coaching" friendly. This one sure will test my technical and soft skill.

I’ll travel on 27 April – 13 december and my wife and kid will accompany me :) . Please pray for my success. Ameen.