Nov 11

Oh no! They did it AGAIN ! (BAD of Bad news)

Intel Agent answer:

“I have book the direct flight leaving Sacramento to Portland by Alaska, but notice that your holding ticket is paper ticket which no able to use. The ticket have to submit refund and issue E-ticket. Kindly refer to USITS or Alaska air to get the ticket due we do not have authorise to issue ticket in Malaysia.”

And I call the Alaska Airline…

Hilmi: Hello Alaska Airline…

Jenny (Alaska Airline): I’m Jenny… how can I help you

Hilmi: I have reservation code given by my travel agent in Malaysia, however they can’t issue the ticket to me since they didn’t have authorization to issue the ticket to me from Malaysia. They ask me to call directly to Alaska Airline to get the ticket.

Jenny : Could I have your reservation code?

Hilmi: Sure. My reservation code is HQJQ**.

Jenny: Hold on for second…

Jenny: Sir, we can’t issue your ticket since its belong to American Airline.

Hilmi: What? But from the travel agent website, my flight will be handled by Alaska Airline AS 2576.

Jenny: Its true, but your reservation had been done through American Airline, so you need to get your ticket from them. I can give you’re their number,

Hilmi: Sure

Jenny: 1800-433-7300.

Hilmi: Thanks a lot… I’ll call them.

Jenny: Welcome..

And I happily call America Airline… and then…

Hilmi: Hello American Airline…

XXXX (forgot the name – Male): Hello… how can I help you

Hilmi: I have flight booking, with flight number AS 2576. I call the Alaska Airline, but they ask me to call America Airline since the reservation had been done through American Airline…

XXXX: What is your reservation code?

Hilmi: HQJQ**.

XXXX: Sorry sir, we can’t found the reservation code in our system. Its clearly belong to Alaska Airline. Could I have the itinerary, so I can double check with the system.

Hilmi: Sure… bla bla la bla la la bla

XXXX: Sorry sir, thats is confirm we don’t have flight that you mention, nor our partner. Please double check with Alaska Airline.

Hilmi: But they clearly said the booking had been done through America Airline.

XXXX: We don’t know why they told you to do so, but its not belong to us.

Hilmi: Ok… I’ll check with Alaska Airline one more time.

XXXX: Ok… bye

And I call the Alaska Airline one more time

Hilmi: Hello Alaska Airline

YYYY (another female, forgot the name again): Hello… how can I help you

Hilmi: Blab la blab la blab la… and America Airline ask me to check with Alaska Airline

YYYY: Could I have your reservation code?

Hilmi: Sure… HQJQ**.

YYYY: Hold on…

Pause a few seconds and then…

YYYY: I’ll forward your call to our XXXX department (forgot). Please hold on..

After a few second, the I heard the phone ringing and then…





  1. fizz says:

    adei..sakit hatinya…

  2. comflash2 says:

    tuuu laaa pasal. Saper kata syarikat US tak ada kerenah birokrasi. Sama je ngan Malaysia