May 28

Tomshardware Intel Atom Review. Are you kidding ?

Link: Performance Summary and Power Consumption – Tom’s Hardware : First Look: Intel’s Atom CPU.

If you read the recent tomshardware review regarding Intel new processor (not yet sell), Intel Atom or theĀ  CPU code name : Silverthorne/Diamondville, you must surprise how lame is this product.

I as the person who directly touch and play with it even more surprise. There is no doubt clock by clock performance for Silverthorne/Diamondville, is much inferior compared then Pentium E2160 (Allendale), however the Silverthorne/Diamonville, true musle is on cost & power consumption.

Silverthorne/Diamondville CPU should be only draw 0.2W – 2W power compared then Allendale (est 35W-65W), and there is no sense whole Diamondville system only save 19W compared then Pentium E2160 system. I believe its seriously misleading.

Talking about Silverthorne, originally in my group, I should be the product owner, before it was hand over to other person and I assign to Nehalem instead, which promise greater challenge and opportunity.