Dec 15

When 1st class degree student worst than 3rd class degree student

Totally disappointed…. thats everything I can say. After 4 hours wasting time interviewing 2x1st class student with their beautiful degree, what I can say is, I can find a lot of 2nd & 3rd class student that better than them. It is not a secret; 1st class student only good in study, and know nothing what they studied about. I really meant it ! I not expect they can answer something that complicated, but I just ask a few question that already IN THE BOOK ! When I try to challenge them (its basic concept and maybe in chapter 1 or 2),. The answer are very stereotype… I ONLY STUDY FOR EXAM, AND I FORGOT ALREADY. What the stupid answer… I can forgive if they forgot and give some fuzzy answer, but if they have no clue at all like never learn or heard about it, its simply unforgivable.

See what happen to our current curriculum? So silly, the university now only reward student who study for exam, and not someone who really now what they study for. If pointer/mark is something what we can’t rely to know this person is good or not, so why we need pointer in the 1st place ? It defeat the purpose.

It not just about our local university… Its a worldwide problem. The candidates that I interview are from Australia university and UTM. Both of them not even meet minimum requirement as degree holder.

I really wish someday I have the power to change university curriculum to measure the actual and reality level, and not rewarding stupid bookworm (smart bookworm still ok), soalan bocor oriented.