Mar 06

When we need to make a hard call…. its really hard

What choice i have? I left with no option. I need to make my move… and this time, it is hard, emotional and risky move. I need to move my king right into the battle. Its like I put my head into the chopping board. While my army of defense is strong, but self destruct timing bomb is start ticking again. There no safe side for me anymore. Its not like “either I kill… or be killed”, its more like either I killed while doing something or killed while sitting silently. Whats is my next move? Now I’m like Karpov in famous Chess World Championship 1987 (black) 24:34

Karpov-Kasparov World Championship Match 1987 : Round 24 : Move 34

One mistake, my head will separate from my shoulder. There is no room for another mistake (already make a crucial mistake on 33… N-E7).

However, today blog entry is not about the chess game where if I defeated, I could just restart another game. It is real life, and the consequence I’ll bear for my whole life. Oh god….. what should I do?