Sep 17

Yess!! I win online game for the first time in my life

see? how beauty is my name there? ITS COMFLASH2 win !!!!
This game called Devil Shadow Army. If you familiar with text based online gaming, it almost like UTOPIA, but very basic and simple. I never win any online game since it need dedicated can consistent commitment to win, but text based is different since you only need to spend 1-2 minutes a day. What make this game beautiful is, the winner will get RAPIDSHARE PREMIUM account (1month) FREE. So it saved USD$10 from my pocket since I quite frequent buying rapidshare to download games and movie.

I start to play this game 1 month after it was started. Basically in online game, if you start late, you will never win. When I started, top 3 player already have NUKE and I just equip with PEA SHOOTER only. For the one who not familiar with this game, that’s mean, top 3 player already have 200,000-300,000 attack power vs mine 500-1000 attack power only. This top 3 are:


See.. how much different our strength. My target is not to win this round, since I lag behind too much. I just want to familiarize with this game and win for next round. I start to experiment with different technique and try to understand the best method to earn more GOLD in order to compete with others. After play around in 1-2 weeks, I start realize, I I just found very effective method to win!! Then I all-out cary-out my plan and after 1 month, my attack power already reach 6 digits !!!

Luckily all top player progressing slowly, maybe due to overconfident and too comfort. They kill each other and didn’t aware I manage to catch-up. Even after my army on-par with them, only NightCroucher start realize I progressing too fast and start to focus to attack me with maximum. He manage to kill total 10-20% of my army when the game ended today and I never able to kill any of his army due to very strong defence, but its too late and he can’t stop me to claim the prize :) .

Since the winner only need to upgrade to the ultimate weapon to win, i just focus on attack and let my defence weak. I didn’t waste my money to upgrade my defense and just focus all my money to attack weapon. And my strategy SUCCEED!!!