Feb 24

My EPF – Public Mutual Advice.

Japan Posts the Biggest Trade Deficit in 2 Years

Like many other countries around the world, Japan is slowing.  The country is very much dependent on trade and the fact that the surplus turned into the biggest deficit in the past 2 years last month is extremely worrisome.

Exports rose 7.7 percent, but shipments to the US and China continued to slow.  Imports actually rose 9.0 percent, but that was due to a 41 percent increase in the value of crude oil imports and not robust domestic demand. Trade with the US has actually fallen for the firth consecutive month, but the fact that demand from China also slowed indicates that even the Asian Giant may no longer be immune to the US slowdown.

Written by Kathy Lien, Chief Strategist
Friday, 22 February 2008 15:20:58 GMT

No doubt… we are going to recession. Smart Investor (Malaysia) also suggest the same thing. Economy overheat and need to be cool down. I need to re-think my investment strategy. No Public Mutual investment this year ?

For my friend, who have thought to invest into Public Mutual or any EPF withdrawal… please do not do so. 40% gain last year sure very lucrative,  but previous profit never guarantee the future. In next 1-2 years, please avoid any high risk investment (also high profit, if economy is good), especially the one who invest on small and mid cap company. Please read their prospectus carefully. If u can’t wait (alias greedy) but u don’t have ability to analyze the prospectus (oh god… i know  a lot of people like this), please do cost averaging technique (through 1-2 years). Avoid lump sum investment at any COST !

And my final advice… don’t trust any agent word. They don’t care you lose or gain. They only care about commission that they got. If you want good and honest advice, please go to PAID financial consultant.

P/S: Badawi really smart to do election just before economy slow down. His economy adviser really know what todo.