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May 23

Intel Nutrition Conference


Iman enter the colouring competition. Umi and fahim join the conference. Ayah, together with Iman. Fahim buat spoil, berak. So umi kena keluar kejap, gi basuh. Pastu, Fahim pun sama sama melukis, bg semangat kat kakak dia. Iman, bila dah nak abis, dh nak berhenti mewarna. Dah penat, katanya. Tapi bila Fahim dh rancak warna …

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May 18

Breakfast at Komtar


Quite sometime didn’t breakfast at Komtar. Now waiting wife to thumbprint and we will breakfast together. Updated: Currently at adik manja de’corner. My wife favourite restaurant in Komtar. My favorite dine is bihun soup

Mar 06

When we need to make a hard call…. its really hard

What choice i have? I left with no option. I need to make my move… and this time, it is hard, emotional and risky move. I need to move my king right into the battle. Its like I put my head into the chopping board. While my army of defense is strong, but self destruct …

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Dec 15

When 1st class degree student worst than 3rd class degree student

Totally disappointed…. thats everything I can say. After 4 hours wasting time interviewing 2x1st class student with their beautiful degree, what I can say is, I can find a lot of 2nd & 3rd class student that better than them. It is not a secret; 1st class student only good in study, and know nothing …

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Nov 25

Protected: I’m hurt, I’m speechless..

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Oct 07

Evening-Night Fever 3 days in the row

Yup… that’s very common symptom. It can lead to anything. Usually bacteria and virus infection. Last time, I was hospitalize 2 weeks due to same symptom, but due to liver function decrease due to stubborn bacterial infection. Now I got the same symptom, but  I bet it cause by just normal infection. However, I got …

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Oct 04

Headache/Migrain again :(

My migraine attack, more severe then before. Last year is the my best record ever, my migraine attack only on monthly basis compared then before (1-2weeks). Each of the attack not as severe as recently. However, last few weeks, suddenly my migraine become worse…. It attack on daily basis, and easily trigger by bright light. …

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Sep 17

Yess!! I win online game for the first time in my life

see? how beauty is my name there? ITS COMFLASH2 win !!!! This game called Devil Shadow Army. If you familiar with text based online gaming, it almost like UTOPIA, but very basic and simple. I never win any online game since it need dedicated can consistent commitment to win, but text based is different since …

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Sep 15

End of my 4 years “NO TV” policy (sad)

Apa? Takder TV? apsal tak beli TV bukannya mahal pun Apa laaa… dah kerja bagus pun tak nak beli TV. Macam orang tak belajar tinggi je Outdated betul ko ni. Mana ada orang takder TV kat rumah sekarang ni Perrrgghh.. macam tak percaya ada orang yang tak ada TV zaman ni Laki ko tu alim …

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Nov 26

The story of Confidence, Trust and Hope

One day, the villages decided to pray for rain. On that day of prayer everyone gathered and only one boy came with umbrella… that is CONFIDENCE Every night we go to bed,we’re not sure whether we’ll get up tomorrow, but we still have many plans for the coming day, that’s HOPE When you throw a …

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